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  • How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors

    Understanding the key concepts of transmissibility and infectious dose should reassure you.

    By Sigal Samuel Updated Jun 3, 2020, 10:20am EDT

  • Understanding the differences in Face Masks & Effectiveness

    Here are some of the differences in the various types of Face Masks
  • Proper Face Mask Wearing Techniques

  • How Far Can a Sneeze Travel?

    Research that shows how far a sneeze can travel may surprise you?
  • Can respirator standards used in other countries, such as KN95, be used in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Yes. The FDA is working diligently to mitigate any potential shortages in the supply chain and taking action to assure health care personnel on the front lines have sufficient supplies of respiratory protective devices. The FDA concluded, based on the totality of scientific evidence available, that certain imported respirators that are not NIOSH-approved are appropriate to protect the public health or safety